Join or Die

by Aaron Edge

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released March 1, 2005

Mike Hay (throat)
Sammy Lugosi (guitar)
Thomas Krause (bass)
Aaron D.C. Edge (kit)

This recording engineered & mastered by Kris Crummett
at Interlace Audio in March of 2005.

Mixed by Kris Crummett and The Horde.

All material written by The Horde, lyrics by Mike Hay*.

*Queen Wasp" written by The Misfits © evilive Music.

Horde logo designed by Aaron Edge.

1234 Go Records


"Over twenty years ago, a band called the Misfits incorporated macabre imagery into their lyrics, providing a vivid metaphor for the sickness and darkness of humanity and society and changing punk rock forever. Since then, many bands have followed in their footsteps, but the large majority of them seem to have missed the point. The Horde, a four-piece hardcore band from Portland, Oregon (featuring former Himsa and Harkonen guitarist Aaron Edge on the drums) are one of the first bands I've heard in years that seem genuinely interested in carrying on in the tradition of the Misfits as well as forging their own path. Join Or Die is a nine-song compilation of the band's first EP, a Misfits cover and four new songs. Their gritty, violent brand of hardcore complements the lyrical content perfectly and it's all wrapped up in an easily recognizable package of skulls, knives and stage names. In short, The Horde have got all the basic elements perfectly in place. Despite having little material, it is obvious that The Horde are no amateurs. Their music seems to be the result of a strong understanding of the last two decades of hardcore. From the absolutely perfect bass sound and presence to the variation between raspy screams and slightly more melodic wailing, these guys seemed to know exactly what they wanted every time they went into the studio and it shows. Vocalist Mike Hay has a unique voice while channeling everyone from Al Barr to Ian MacKaye and amusingly enough generally avoids Danzig imitation, particularly on their version of "Queen Wasp" when most singers would have been most tempted. Another nice touch is that while The Horde frequently employ grotesque themes, they are equally rooted in hardcore, and songs like "Three F's" and "Song #2" are evidence. Strong and smartly used gang vocals and backups add just the right touches in these songs and others to make the songs memorable, catchy and enjoyable. Bottom Line: There are a lot of great hardcore bands right now and it's nice to hear another one, especially one that ventures beyond the usual scene politics and declarations of conviction into different albeit relatively predictable territory lyrically... This album is angry, violent hardcore with a twist, delivering on a variety of levels."

"I've joined! This is vicious hardcore punk with great production really highlighting the force and fullness of THE HORDE's sound without polishing it up.this maintains a concrete edge. THE HORDE, as their song suggests 'mean business'. This is an inexorable, fiery CD and I'm addicted to it. It makes me sweat with enthusiasm and excitement. This fuckin rules.everything about it- the music, the production, the have to join."

"The Horde are really rocking their socks off. Sharp Bars / Hope Conspiracy like hardcore has been brought together with old school punk. It’s just no-nonsense aggressive music to drive your parents / neighbours mad. The first four songs have been recorded for 7” that came out in 2003. The band disbanded after that, but some power surge brought this undead band back among the living to make us all move. So they recorded five more songs, one of which is a Misfits track. This music is like throwing saw blades into the audience. Blood on the dance floor can’t be avoided. Where’s the dotted line… I’m ready to join."

"Yeah, super stuff from The Horde here on their debut full-length. Well, is 19 minutes a full-length? Sure it is, with nine raging hardcore songs, it's a perfect length, really. And what sets The Horde apart is an inability to pin them down; not old school, not new school, not any kinda' hip screamo shite, just a straight-up, pissed-off approach to angry, fast and loud music. Kinda' like some of the more aggressive stuff on Ebullition a half-decade back (or more... what year is it?), The Horde eschew melody and Soundscans for honesty and a love of sincere and angry music. Gotta' love it, even if it's not the kinda' thing that has a lot of staying power."



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Aaron Edge Portland, Oregon

"The Horde, a four-piece hardcore band from Portland, Oregon make their songs memorable, catchy and enjoyable... This album is angry, violent hardcore with a twist, delivering on a variety of levels."

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